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Personal Training

Elevate your health and confidence with a tailored 1-on-1 personal training program in our private garage gym. Designed to fit your busy schedule and specific goals, our sessions empower you to excel in all aspects of life.

We offer specialized programs to tailor to all stages of life, whether you’re an (expecting) mom getting healthy again or looking for a full body transformation.

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Group exercise

Group Training

Some people perform better in group. They need the encouragement, the shared aspect of it and the motivational push to keep going.

Meet like-minded people in one of our group training options, whether it’s our pre- or postnatal group program, bootcamp or corporate bootcamp.

What our customers say

Els Back Pain Program

Een zeer geduldige, ervaren en professionele lesgever. Ik volg telkens met plezier een workout en heb bijna geen last meer van mijn rug en voel mij veel soepeler. Een aanrader!

Kim Personal Training

I definitely recommend using RSPFIT for your health goals. Ronnie listens to your goals, makes fun workouts and encourages you to keep going. He sure has the knowledge and can adjust exercises according to any injuries or pains. My back pain has improved a lot and I feel fitter, stronger and leaner thanks to his coaching.

Corey Online training

I highly recommend training with Ronnie! He creates challenging but engaging workouts that always feel satisfying to complete. He adds variety and modifications to accommodate all skill levels and keep it fun! Working with him has helped me remember why I love exercise and hard work. Thank you Ronnie!

Frequently asked questions

Trying to reach goals means creating new habits. And to create new habits one needs consistency, commitment, and accountability. A personal trainer is the ideal person to keep you accountable and knows best how to best reach your goals, safely. 

We offer both personal training as well as group training. We have specialized programs for different goals, all tailored to women at different stages of life. Learn more about our personal training or group training.

We have a private garage gym where most of our sessions will take place. However, we also offer sessions at home or your office for your convenience.

We understand that life gets busy. It is important though to keep active. To accommodate for that, we offer early morning sessions as well as late evening sessions or anything in between. Schedule a time that suits you best.

When working with us, you get free access to a fitness app. Within this app we can communicate and program personalized workouts for you to do at home, in the gym, or wherever you are. Even on your trips you can get some exercise done.

We do offer a corporate bootcamp/teambuilding, perfect for your team to get closer and healthier. More info on the corporate bootcamp page.

Personal training

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