Postnatal group training

Our postnatal group training

Program details

Enjoy our 12-week group training program offered 4x a year. It is a 1 hour Postnatal Strength and Cardio Class at our garage gym (Velodroomstraat 125 Boom).

Who is it for?

This class is designed for moms of all fitness levels and is recommended once you have been cleared for exercise by your gynecologist (generally 6 weeks post vaginal birth or 8-12 weeks post caesarean birth).

Finding time to exercise as a mum can be difficult however at Rspfit you are welcome to bring your baby/toddler along to class.

postnatal personal training
postnatal program

Why should I do this program?

This group class helps you rebuild your strength, mobility and fitness levels in a safe and effective way. We concentrate on a range of functional, weighted and cardio exercises teamed with core and pelvic floor work.

The aim of Rspfit is to get you exercising (again) and feeling strong and confident in yourself both mentally and physically. And that goes for all mums, whether you have had your baby 3 months or 3 years ago!

Benefits of this program

postnataal personal training

Improved strength

Regain overall fitness

Rebuild core strength (targeting abs and pelvic floor)

Regain body confidence

Improved mental well-being

Lose pregnancy weight in a healthy manner

What is Included


  • 12-week program

  • 2 sessions / week (in group)

    Sessions are Wednesday and Fridays (at 19h)

  • Offered 4x per year

    Next start date: 17/6/2024 (until 8/9/2024)

  • Maximum 8 people in a group

  • Workout video to do at home

  • Tips and tricks to help you lose the pregnancy weight

  • Group support through WhatsApp

  • Professional guidance from a certified postnatal coach

  • Payment plans availiable

What our customers say

Sarah Personal Training + Bootcamp

Ik heb het plezier in sporten weer teruggevonden dankzij de enthousiaste coaching van Ronnie. Hij weet je met veel vrolijkheid te motiveren en kijkt naar wat er haalbaar is binnen je eigen niveau. Bedankt voor de lessen!

Annelies Personal Training + Bootcamp

Ronnie is geduldig, luistert naar je doelen en weet je te verrassen met zijn oefeningen. De bedoeling is vooral ook plezier hebben!

Marijke Bootcamp

Een zeer goede trainer, ik heb altijd deugd van de work-out, en hij is altijd vriendelijk.

Jade Online Bootcamp

Na een tijdje in lockdown te zitten begon ik me niet meer zo goed in mijn vel te voelen. Ik had meer tijd om te eten en alsmaar minder motivatie om te sporten. Dit veranderde bij het doen van deze workouts. Ik voelde mentaal elke les beter & beter. Ondertussen ben ik terug aan het werk en fiets ik zeer vlot 10 km heen en 10 km terug. Een gezonde geest in een gezond lichaam. Dank je wel al voor alle gevarieerde, leuke workouts !

Seppe Online Training

Before working with RSPFIT, I lacked stable means of motivation and I was going through a bad physical shape. My fitness goal has always been to get more lean and build more muscles. Working with RSPFIT has got me bigger, lean arms and legs plus a lot more knowledge about strength training. Thanks to his feedback and follow ups.

Corey Online Bootcamp

I highly recommend training with Ronnie! He creates challenging but engaging workouts that always feel satisfying to complete. He adds variety and modifications to accommodate all skill levels and keep it fun! Working with him has helped me remember why I love exercise and hard work. Thank you Ronnie!

Yes, we modify exercises to accommodate different fitness levels within the same group.

We recommend that you wait until you have a clearance from your gynecologist to exercise and you are at least 6 weeks post vaginal delivery and 8-12 weeks post C-section.

You don't have to bring your child along to classes however they are very welcome if you decide to do so. Please be advised that you are fully responsible for your child's safety and well-being.

As parents, we understand what it's like to have an upset baby on your hands so don't worry about having to keep them quiet! The trainer will happily help to tend to your baby's needs if you wish so that you can continue with the training session.

Feel free to stop and feed your baby at any point during the class and join in again once you're done.
Breastfeeding is welcome at any of our classes.

I recommended you bring a water bottle, a yoga mat and wear clothing/footwear that is comfortable and sporty friendly.

We recommend that you seek clearance from your medical provider to exercise before starting anything new.
However we cater for all fitness levels and abilities and workouts will be modified for each individual as required.